About The Pleasure Coach

Hercules The Pleasure Coach is a sex, intimacy & relationship educator, writer, blogger, speaker, activist, coach and permission giver.  He focuses his work & expertise on various topics of sex positive awareness, sexual and intimate practices, sex workers rights, Open Relationship & BDSM Lifestyles but never limits himself to talking about other areas of sex & life. 

Hercules is one of the coordinators behind America’s Sexuality Day.   His social media presence is very well known and followed by many people.  The Pleasure Coach Facebook Like Page and Twitter page have been listed in Get Lusty’s Top Social Media Sex Educators to follow.  Additionally people enjoy his variety of erotic photos on his Tumblr photo blog “Living Loving Lusting For Life’s Little Pleasures

Hercules is available for appointments in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles & Southern California.

For more information and/or to book an appointment, please go to the Contact Section of our website.

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